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Statement Regarding "The Onkayan Compendium."





My name is Daniel Jacob Kramarsky. I am the President of The House of Study, a small educational foundation. One of my hobbies is game design. A year or so ago I founded Pacho Games, Inc., a Manhattan-based game design, playtesting and prototyping group.



It has recently come to my attention that my name and the name of my company,

Pacho Games, are being used to represent certain claims regarding the Onkayan Compendium.



Neither I nor Pacho Games, Inc. plans to publish any book, game or software product in any way connected with the Onkayan Compendium.



No member of Pacho Games staff has ever seen any book, photograph or work of art claiming to be or to represent the Onkayan Compendium in whole or in part.



The so-called Onkayan Compendium is a myth. Pacho Games supports and concurs with the official position of the legitimate Balkan authorities that no kingdom called Onkaya has ever existed in that part of the world or anywhere else. Onkaya belongs in the realm of fiction, not history.



The management of Pacho Games is not interested in hearing or reading any evidence in support of or in opposition to claims regarding the Onkayan Compendium.



Please do not contact us further on this subject.

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